Daniele and the beginning of the journey

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America has always been known as the land of opportunity, the place where you can be whatever you want. In this blog I would like to tell you more about my college life and what has brought me here to the USA, hoping that it will be useful for some of you.
I have been dreaming of becoming a professional soccer player since I was a child. At the same time, the passion for studying has slowly made its way into my life. And what other way than college, I thought, would best conciliate the two of them?

As soon as the opportunity came, I did not think twice about what to do: I decided to fly to the USA and join a college. Do you want to know the best part in all of this? Thanks to a soccer scholarship achieved by playing the sport I love, I am now able to pay for most of my college fees!

I am looking forward to seeing what this lifetime experience has in store for me!


My name’s Daniele and I’m from Italy.

Catawba College, North Carolina: I’m coming!