In case you were wondering how college coaches evaluate your athletic skills before even inviting you for a school visit and meeting you in person, here is the answer: through your highlight VIDEO.

When you are playing around with the idea of playing college sports, you should definitely start putting together pieces of your athletic performances rather sooner than later. The good news is that college coaches do not really care about how professionally the video is filmed or edited. They are not expecting any special effects or anything you would not be able to do yourself. Honestly, all they care about is to see you in action to get a rough idea about your level as an athlete to see if you would be worth the next step.

The one thing you should focus on though, is what moments you choose for the footage. It can get pretty difficult to get a tape from an actual game sometimes, so feel free to film yourself even at practice or friendly games. The more footage you gather, the more material you will have to play with while editing it.

Coaches are not looking for an hour-long movie when looking you up. Putting together the best moments that represent your character as an athlete can be conducted into a short 5 to 8 minute video. Trust me, even the most interested coaches will most likely stop the video after 8 minutes, because it is something that they usually do in their spare time between practices or so. The trick is to catch their attention within the first minute, so MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR BEST FOOTAGE IN THE VERY BEGINNING to make them want to see more of you.

Although, it requires some time to put the video together, think of it as a key that will open the door to your future in America. Having a presentable video with your highlights makes it a lot easier for StAR crew to work out the best deal for you in the college world!

Petra Jurova