StAR’s team is made of collaborators that, because of their exceptional athletic and academic resumes, are able to select and help new prospects willing to take on this journey.
In addition to observing the recruits during multiple competitions, they are always available helping them step by step to reach their own goals.


Matteo was born in Fano in 1993 and showed an early passion for soccer, the family interest, and basketball. When it was time to start moving on towards one of the two, Matteo decided to focus on Basket, joining the A.S.D. Basket Fanum. In a few months he was noticed by the professional academy of Victoria Libertas Pesaro, where he played two seasons in the national youth leagues reaching the finals.

In 2010, he moved to Aurora Basket Jesi (A2 league) to finish the last two years of academy, while constantly practicing with the first team of the club. At the same time, Matteo played with impressive personal stats the winning season of Basket Fanum (D league) and the next season in league C2.

These important achievements, allowed Matteo to sign his first professional contract with Aurora Basket Jesi, where he played a successful season with the second team, called Aesis 98, in the C2 league, terminating at the playoff final.

In 2013, Matteo signed with Pallacanestro Senigallia (B league), where he played as key player for two winning seasons, achieving important personal results. The first year, the team finished at 5th position, getting to the playoffs. He collected 9,9 points in 30 minutes average played, 3,7 bounces and 2,2 assists per game. The following season, the team improved one position, achieving again the playoffs. His stats improved as well terminating with 13 points in 29 minutes average played, 3,2 bounces, and 3,1 assists per game.

The next season 2015/16 Matteo decided to step further in his career, going back home to Aurora Basket Jesi (league A2) where he expressed his potential as the leader of the team. The season finished with an important position for the club as well as important personal results for him, allowing him to renew his professional contract for the current season 2016/17.

Matteo is one of the few professional athletes that has been able to attend college in conjunction with high athletic requirements. He recently graduated in 2016 at the Medical and Surgical University of Marche in the field of prevention and safety in work environment.  




Born in Fano in 1984, Francesco graduated from a Scientific High School in Fano before obtaining his Bachelor Degree in Sport Science at University of Urbino.

After his degree he kept attending multiple specialization courses: CONI – FIGC Instructor, CONI expert in a sports alphabetization project, UEFA B coach and 1st level tennis physical coach.

Following his greatest passion which is coaching in sport, he became the U-15 coach of Nazionale dell’Alma Juventus Fano, after coaching in the junior department of the Vis Pesaro, U.S. Fossombrone Calcio and Scuola Calcio Fanella.

Francesco has also numerous working experiences abroad: in 2010 he was selected as one of the representatives of Associazione Italiana Allenatori di Calcio (AIAC) to teach a clinic in New York for a project called AIAC Project USA. He was also selected as a speaker in the convention Funzionalmente 2016, aimed at soccer coaches and instructors.

From 2010 to 2012 he performed academic activities as a collaborator of professor Emilio Cecchini at University of Urbino in the class “Soccer Methodology and Technique”. Francesco is not only a soccer coach, but also a sports teacher in primary school, which allows him to join his passion for sport and education and to put them to good use in helping StAR.


Lucia was born in 1994. She played the first years from 1999 to 2006 as a goalkeeper for two men’s clubs, Sanmartinese and Sparta Novara. She then moved for two seasons to the women’s league A2 playing for Tradate. In these same years she was selected by the Piemonte and Aosta selection to participate on the Region’s Tournament in Cantalupa (Turin). Later on she was recruited by the First League (A1) club Como. During the same year, Lucia had the honor to be selected for the first time for the Italian National Team U17 participating in the European Cup in the Czech Republic. The last two years were very special for Lucia, being number #1 for Inter Milan and representing the Italian National team U19 in the European Cup in Holland. Currently, she is playing for the University of Melbourne, getting ready to compete at the Australian Unigames.

Lucia attended the Mater University of Bologna, majoring in International Law. Throughout her academic career, she was the accountant of the AlmaMUN Society, with the mission of informing students regarding international issues and by organizing conferences and conventions. In 2014, she represented the Democratic Republic of Congo during the EXPO in Milan, as part of the FAO, by simulating the United Nations. Thanks to the award overseas, she is currently studying at the University of Melbourne, Australia, one of the top 8 Law schools in the world, focusing in Human Rights, International Environmental Law, International Economic Law, and Private International Law.

Lucia received many academic and athletic awards from Evergreen Association and CONI. She speaks fluently Italian, English, French, and German.



Michelangelo was born in Forli in 1992. He started moving the soccer ball from an early age in the professional academy of Cervia. At the age of 17, he decided to focus his passion for soccer into a different direction rather than on the pitch. Decision that took him to exploring the career of coach and scout. Currently he is attending the UEFA B license as well as beginning the course for Agent for professional clubs.

On the academic side, in 2012 Michelangelo started law school at the University of Bologna where he is about to graduate with good standards.

With a deep passion for soccer and the dream of becoming a scout, Michelangelo is a perfect candidate for StAR, helping to recruit of the young talents willing to compete at a competitive athletic level while continuing their studies.



Marco was born in October of 1989 in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy. Since the early age of 7 he started to play soccer in the town’s club, later on he moved to a bigger club Montebelluna at the age of 9 where he stayed for 4 years until the scouts from Juventus noticed him.

In 2003 Marco leaved towards Torino and completed the academy of Juventus. During those years with the club he won a national championship U17, a Viareggio tournament, two Italian Cups and two Italian SuperCups. Finally, in 2009 he made his first appearance with the Juventus first team during the Birra Moretti Tournament with coach Massimo Ranieri. The next two seasons, Marco was loaned to clubs in Lega Pro in order to gain experience where he won the playoffs. In 2011 he returns to Montebelluna and the year after to Belluno where he currently plays. With his return to the Veneto, Marco graduated with a perfect GPA at the Master in Web Design High Formation and eventually applies to Physical Science at the Telematic University of Pegaso.  


Matteo Fago, born in Ceprano (FR) in 1987, reached a high level tennis status at the age of 17 obtaining the first ATP points and reaching the world ranking of 908. After completing his scientific high school studies in Frosinone he receives a scholarship at the University of Tennessee, where he plays for 4 years before graduating in Economics with the remarkable GPA of 3.3/4.0.

Being part of an extremely competitive tennis team that stayed at the top of the college ranking for a few weeks, he reaches the NCAA Div1 finals losing against USC (University of Southern California) led by Steve Johnson in 2010. After winning the SEC Conference for two years straight, Matteo reaches the individual ranking of 38 in the NCAA singles.

After finishing college Matteo decides to go back to play professional tennis and reaches the ranking of 667 ATP in 2013, while he is around the 900 mark at the moment. Exploiting the passion for team competition gained in the United States, he plays the A1 league in Italy with Tennis Club Parioli, the First Bundesliga in Germany with TC Weinheim and the Second Division in France with TC La Roche sur Yon. Beginning last year he started a collaboration with Milos Raonic’s team as a sparring partner.
Having lived a very high level NCAA experience personally, Matteo is the ideal person for selecting potential talents willing to live the American dream, reason why he decided to become part of StAR, putting all his professionality to serve young tennis players with the dream of competing in the United States.


Abbey is an English professional golfer. She first picked up the golf club at 5 years old when her grandad took her for junior coaching lessons at The Belfry Golf club, after that she was hooked. By the age of 11 she was playing for her County and her Country. During her Amateur career she won the Ladies County championship 3 years in a row, plus the junior one the same years. She made it to the grand final of the Faldo Series, which is a large junior tour, for two years in 2007 & 2008. She also played in multiple English and British Championships from the age of 11 to 23. In 2009 she moved to America with a Golf scholarship at Nova Southeastern University.

It was in America that her passion and determination for the game grew. In such a competitive environment, and with such great facilities she thrived. She loved the atmosphere, the whole feeling of being a team and all the tournaments that they went too. In her first year at university Abbey won NCAA Division II Freshman of the Year. It was in her Sophomore year that she won her first college event in Monterey Bay, California. After her first win in America she went on to win 4 more events during her college career, with one of these events being the NCAA Division II National championships.

That year Abbey was also named SSC Conference player of the year and NCAA Division II National Player of the year.

In the fall of 2013 she decided to turn professional and make a living playing full time on tour. She played 2 full years on the Ladies European Tour Access Series in which she got to play tournament all over Europe. She had 3 top 10 finishes in the 2 years and a further 5 top 25’s. She stopped playing this year due to a lack of funding and decided that the best route for her would be to become a coach. She just started her PGA degree at the University of Birmingham in which in 3 years time she will become a fully qualified golf coach.

As NCAA National Champion, future PGA Professional Coach and thanks to her incredible passion for golf, Abbey is the perfect candidate to select new athletes ready to follow in her footsteps and become NCAA National Champion.


Petra Jurova is a former professional tennis player from Slovakia. She first picked up a tennis racket at the age of 7 and instantly fell in love with the game. Petra started playing on a competitive level around the age of 12, mostly attending local tournaments. Two years later she became the national champion under 14. From that point on her career was on the raise. She took 3rd place at the World Championship under 14, was a member of the European champion team and by the age of 18 was ranked 150 ITF. After that she decided to conclude her career as a junior and move up to professionals. Petra spent two years on the circuit, traveling around the word, collecting points, experiencing great wins as well as some losses. When she graduated high school, she had the desire to pursue her education in communication studies but never wanted to give up on playing tennis and saw the opportunity in the United States. That is when she made the decision to move to U.S.A. and get recruited by a university. Soon she reached her plan and was recruited by Fresno Pacific University in California where Petra played the number 1 position for two consecutive years. She finished ranked number 10 in singles in the country, became NCCAA national champion with her team, and with her impressive record of 45:8 in two years she was selected by the conference as Freshman of the year and combined with her successes in the classrooms she was awarded by the PacWest Conference as scholar-athlete of the year. Unfortunately after 2 years, the tennis program at Fresno Pacific University got shut down and Petra needed to find a new university to transfer to. She landed a full scholarship at Nova Southeastern University in Florida where she continued playing the number 1 position and continued helping the team in reaching success. She was 3x Sunshine State Conference player of the week and finished the 2015 season with 15:2 record. Again, Petra was acknowledged for her hard work in academics and was honored an award scholar-athlete of the year. Having Petra on the team helped the team to achieve 4th place in the country and with that result make a history of the school’s tennis record. At this moment, she is concluding her studies in Florida while following another passion of hers, coaching players who desire to follow their tennis dream. Outside of tennis, Petra used her education in communication and media to become a journalist for The Current newspapers for which she concludes interviews, writes articles and photo shoots weekly. Petra still enjoys being active and has hobbies such as hiking or bike riding.


Luca was born in January of 1993 in Turin. He developed his soccer skills in the Juventus academy until the age of 12, then he moved with his family to Fano and eventually joined the professional academy of Fano, team playing in Lega Pro. In Fano Luca grew all the way to playing the Berretti Cup, after which he transferred to the better club of Albinoleffe where he was noticed by the coach of the Italian national team Evani to join the U19 team.

Thanks to his great performance, in 2012 he signed his first 3-year professional contract with Cremonese. For the following 3 years Luca played in Lega Pro as well as in the National team U20 with the important managers of Luigi Di Biagio and Valerio Bertotto.

In 2014/2015 he started playing in Lega Pro I Division at F.C. Esperia Viareggio, coached by Cristiano Lucarelli.

At the end of the season Luca came back to Cremonese, which still owned his contract, and played at the Lega Pro I Division with Marco Giampaolo as a coach, who now coaches Sampdoria. Later he got seriously injured and was forced to retire from his professional soccer career.

After graduating from a Scientific High School in Bergamo in 2012, Luca is now finishing Communication studies at Bologna University, while working for Cattolica Assicurazioni in Fano.



Born in Correggio (RE) in 1979, Alessandro has been a professional tennis player since 2000. In 2009 he reached his best doubles ATP ranking as nº 91 in the world, and in that year he participated in the main draws of Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Winner of 16 doubles challenger tournaments and 31-times finalist, he competed every year in the Italian and English A1 league, German Bundesliga and the French team cup.

Alessandro played tournaments all over the world, from Futures to ATP 250, and passed the mark of the 1000 international level matches, while obtaining his diploma at the ATP University in 2010 and the Level A International Coach in 2014 for the GPTCA, only coaches association recognized by the ATP. During his career he played against opponents like Hewitt, Del Potro, Wawrinka, Gulbis, Dolgopolov, Ramos and Fognini.

Alessandro obtained his scientific high school diploma in Reggio Emilia, speaks Italian, English and Spanish fluently and has a basic knowledge of German. Being a huge sports fan and loving basketball, he always dedicated his life to sports and now all his passion and experience in StAR.


Francesco was born in 1994 in Nonantola (MO). His tennis adventure began with 12 years old in a small tennis court next to his house and his passion grew thanks to his first coach Daniele Reggianini, who trained him until he was 19 years old. Later he moved to Correggio (RE) where he found a great person and coach in Pasqualino Abeti, who allowed him to reach his true potential, climbing the Italian ranking to the 2.6 mark.

After getting his diploma from a scientific high school while managing academics and a high level tennis activity, Francesco started working as a tennis coach, learned  network marketing and started training with Adriana Serra Zanetti (former top 50 in the world) until he found out about the possibility to obtain athletic scholarships in the United States thanks to StAR. Francesco left to the United States and began his American adventure. After his first year at William Carey University which allowed him to improve his game with many practice sessions, he transferred to Keiser University in West Palm Beach, where he became part of a great program with the team and coach Daniel Finn. Keiser University is part of NAIA, association parallel to the NCAA, which offers substantial scholarship to good level athletes.

Living in first person the athletic and academic experience and thanks to the experience lived with StAR as a customer, Francesco decided to join our team to help us in the selection of new tennis players ready to live this fundamental experience.



Since the age of 14 Francesca began to compete in the ITF circuit. As the most important results it is a must to mention the final at the AARAU in Switzerland in 2010, the tournament Preveza Cup U18 in Greece, and the semifinal singles and final doubles at the Epetition Cup U18 in Croatia. Thanks to these results she reaches nº592 ITF in the world. At the end of 2010 she decided to move to the Professional circuit passing the qualifications of many $10.000 tournaments in Europe, Africa, and Asia to conclude the 2012 ranked nº994 WTA and 2.3 in Italy.

In 2013, Francesca decided to try the path of college attending Nova Southeastern University in Miami for a year and the San Jose State University in California for a semester. In this little parenthesis, she played all the games with only one loss each year and a final 3.5 GPA. When she came back to Italy, Francesca started right away playing tournaments in Europe and Africa, gaining back the ranking nº1030 WTA in singles and nº915 in doubles.

With her experience in the States, Francesca decided to collaborate with StAR to help the new talent in finding new opportunities to develop and show their talent.


Born in Fano in 1993, from 3 to 21 years old Alessandro practiced competitive swimming up to the point of being part of the regional team, taking part to the National Championships every year. He won three times the regional title in the 100 meters and 200 meters breaststroke. He swam for Fanum Fortunae Nuoto, Pesaro Nuoto and finally, just before retiring, for President Nuoto Bologna. Once he stopped swimming he started practicing track, especially in the distance of 10.000 meters and 5.000 meters.

Alessandro graduated at a Scientific High School in 2012 and in September of the same year enrolled at the Law School of LUISS University in Rome, where he is currently attending his 4th year with a specialization on business economy and management.

In July 2016 he was admitted, through a study abroad program, to the prestigious King’s College in London, where he studied Commercial Law focusing mostly on Lex Petrolea and international commerce, under the guidance of professor Nima Tebari.

Alessandro is able to merge his natural inclination and passion for sports to an exceptional academic resume, with a vast knowledge of the athletic and academic worlds and a deep knowledge of the American culture, which he was able to live in first person working with the law firm Bianchera & Maliver, situated in Pittsburgh (PE).


Giulia was born in 1992 in Padova and it was Padova who saw her tennis level grow, to the point of reaching the doubles final at the Italian Championships under 16 and proving to be in the top 3 of her age in Veneto. Later she obtained the Italian ranking of 2.3 and became nº43 in Italy, thanks to her victory in many open tournaments beating players with rankings of 2.1 and 2.2. Giulia played with C.S. Plebiscito Padova, with which she competed in multiple team cups such as serie C, B and A2.

She graduated from a linguistic high school in Padova and then enrolled at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, where she got her Bachelor Degree in Languages, trying to manage both her academic and athletic career, without being able to focus on either one 100%. For this reason Giulia gets in touch with StAR and, in just a few months, she obtained a full scholarship for Middle Tennessee State University, where she attended a Master of Science in International Security and Peace Studies. Unfortunately, after just a few months she tore her ACL and was forced to withdraw from competition for almost a year. In that period she focused on her academics and realized the importance of having an alternative, an exit plan in the unfortunate event of an injury. Her scholarship did not change during this period.

Giulia has just completed her Master with an internship at an NGO in Geneva which monitors the work of the United Nations and organizes seminars all over the world.